Finnish Scientific Diving Steering Association (FSDSA)

FSDSA is a member of
European Scientific Diving Panel (ESDP)

of the

European Marine Board (EMB).


  • shall address the matters concerning health, safety and well being of scientific divers (archaeology included). 
  • will be the issuing authority of qualifications of ESD and AESD.  
  • aims at establishing the use of ESD and AESD standards, and to get them officially accepted.

Full members of FSDSA are Finnish ESD or AESD qualified scientific divers.

Supporting members can be individuals, institutions, companies etc.

For more information, contact Jouni Leinikki (jouni.leinikki(at)


Scientific Diver training in Finland


FSDSA elected a new board in February 2016. 
MSc (AESD) Jouni Leinikki continues as the ESDP representative of FSDSA.